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Add a GFE Request Information Bundle and related profiles



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    • US Da Vinci Patient Cost Transparency (PCT) (FHIR)
    • 1.1.0
    • Financial Mgmt
    • Artifacts Summary
    • Corey Spears / Jeff Brown: 4-0-1
    • Enhancement
    • Compatible, substantive


      GFE Request Tasks need to include or point to a bundle of information needed to fulfill the request (in Task.input) as noted in https://jira.hl7.org/browse/FHIR-44954.

      • Add the profile PCTGFERequestInformationBundle davinci-pct-gfe-request-information-bundle
         of a Bundle resource including the following requirements
        • Title: PCT GFE Request Information Bundle
        • Description:  PCT GFE Request Information Bundle that contains the information necessary for potential GFE contributing providers to create their estimates. This bundle may be used for a request encompassing the entire request or that is specific to a contributing provider and may include, but is not limited to, the Patient Resource, request resources (such as ServiceRequest, MedicationRequest, and DeviceRequest), Service location information, Coverage and Payer Organization resources (if applicable).
        • type - collection
        • timestamp 1..1
        • entry 1..*
        • entry.fullUrl 1..1
        • entry.search 0..0
        • entry.request 0..0
        • slices on entry
          • patient 1..2 only HRexPatientDemographics
          • coverage 0..1 MS 
          • organization only PCTOrganization 0..* (description: "MAY have the payer organization and may have provider organization(s)")
          • practitioner only PCTPractitioner 0..* (description: "MAY have the provider Practitioner(s)")
          • request-items only ProposedServiceRequest, ProposedMedicationRequest, ProposedDeviceRequest, NutritionOrder, or VisionPrescription 1..* MS (description: "Items the request is about"
          • attachment only DocumentReference 0..* (description: "MAY have attachments as DocumentReference resource(s)"
        • Invariant requiring all referenced resourced be contained within the bundle
      • Add the profile PCTProposedServiceRequest davinci-pct-gfe-proposed-servicerequest of ServiceRequest with the below requirements:
        • status fixed to 'active'
        • intent fixed to 'proposal'
        • doNotPerform 0..0
        • code 1..1 MS binding valueSet USClaimMedicalProductOrServiceCodes (extensible)
        • quantity MS
        • subject only HRexDemographics
      • Add the profile PCTProposedMedicationRequest davinci-pct-gfe-proposed-medicationrequest of MedicationRequest with the below requirements:
        • status fixed to 'active'
        • intent fixed to 'proposal'
        • doNotPerform 0..0
        • Medication[x] 1..1 MS
        • subject only HRexDemographics
      • Add the profile PCTProposedDeviceRequest davinci-pct-gfe-proposed-devicerequest of DeviceRequest with the below requirements:
        • status fixed to 'active'
        • intent fixed to 'proposal'
        • code[x] 1..1 MS
        • subject only HRexDemographics




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