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Fix typos in various chapters



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    • V2.x Message Specification (V2)
    • V2.9.1
    • Infrastructure & Messaging
    • Control (Chapter 2)
      Patient Administration (Chapter 3)
      Orders (Chapter 4)
      Orders - Medication/Vaccination (Chapter 4A
      Financial Management (Chapter 6)
      Observations (Chapter 7)
      Master Files (Chapter 8)
      Medical Records (Chapter 9)
      Personnel Management (Chapter 15)
      Claims and Reimbursal (Chapter 16)
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      Typos will be corrected as part of the v2.9.1 publication process.

      Typos will be corrected as part of the v2.9.1 publication process.
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      While working towards v2+, Michael Faughn identified several typographical errors that can be easily corrected without any substantive change. These include:

      • The end of 3.3.57 has an errant
      • Table header in 3.4.5 has space in “R P/#”
      • The message structure table headers for 4.16.11 & 4.16.12 have “satus” instead of “status”. 
      • 4.16.13 message structure table has the comments in a different column than other tables but nobody other than me would ever notice because there are empty table columns in all of the tables…no need to fix…just a note here so I remember when I look at this later…this actually happens quite a lot…just means more complicated code to rip it out
      • Starting at 4A.4.5.10 there is missing space between the section number and section title
      • The section for IN3-2 is missing.  It should be section but that is IN3-3.  The content is there but it is run together with the end of the previous section.
      • Same as above for
      • 8.5.2 missing “C.LEN” in the table header
      • 9.6.8 second table says “Acknowaledgement Choreography”
      • 15.4.4 – The LEN and C.LEN headers are reversed in the attribute table.  Need to swap them.  The column values are in the correct place and don’t need to be swapped.
      • Blank row in attribute table of 3.4.20
      • Blanks row in message structure table: 15.3.1, 15.3.2, 15.3.7
      • Numbering is messed up in subsections of 16.4.2 starting where should be.  Instead it restarts at
      • definition ended up in the header for 6.5.7
      • 2.13.1 “C. Len” is “C.LEN” in every other table of the same type
      • ADT_A01 - 3.3.4 “Patient Advers Reaction Information” – missing E.  In table.
      • ADT_A05 - 3.3.5 “Particitation”
      • ADT_A05 - 3.3.31 – “--- Procedure begin” should be “--- PROCEDURE begin” ….??
      • RDE_O11 - 4A.3.6 “Sex Parameter for Clinical UseSex Parameter for Clinical Use”  …pasted in twice?




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