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Feedback on example report in Somatic Reporting guidance


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      We have some remaining feedback on the example report in the Somatic Reporting guidance (https://hl7.org/fhir/uv/genomics-reporting/2024Jan/somatics.html):

      1. In the second table on page 1, “p.S1178*” should be nonsense, not frameshift.
      2. A couple of spelling errors: “Relevent" near the center of page 1 and “Variant Interpertations” at the bottom of page 4.
      3. In the variant interpretations at the bottom of page 3, the “Assessment” wording is inconsistent with “Clinical Significance” used in the tables.
      4. ATR’s variant interpretation VAF (page 3) does not match that on page 1.
      5. Variant interpretation (page 3) does not include molecular consequence.

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