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WEBSITE CONTENTS: Overview missing - Correlation between logical model / Concept map and FHIR structure



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      The correlation between the logical model/concept map and the FHIR structure is not always clear. I cannot check out the completeness of the FHIR implementation with the logical concept. 

      Reviewing medical experts need presentation of medical contexts.

      • Please give reviewing medical staff (those with no FHIR expertise) the chance to understand the bundle structure by distinct visualization, e.g. how the content parts are put together, e.g. how they interact, e.g. how they are placed in hierarchy. This is currently not obvious.
      • What components does the "overall laboratory report" contain or could contain? If applicable presentation of variants (with sections, without sections, rules for using sections)
      • Concept-map-table should explain functional medical usage of elements. (we do that in our Art-Decor information model, the data elements include description of how and for what medical elements are to be used)
      • Table of content should make clear, what are the chapters concept maps, what are the chapters of logical models, what are the chapters of FHIR-structures ... As it is now, it is really hard to find one's way.

      Kind regards from Martina Sender (mio42 GmbH, Germany)




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