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Move the SMART scopes guidance from Future of US Core to a Guidance Page



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      Move the SMART scopes guidance from Future of US Core to a Conformance Page and add SMART scopes conformance requirements in the Quick Starts for the profiles and to the CapabilityStatements


      Rationale:  This section was introduced in US Core 6.1.0. to meet the ONC's granular scope requirement in HTI-1 proposed rule.
      As part of this proposal, we propose to adopt several sections specified as “optional” in the SMART v2 Guide as “required” for purposes of the Program for certification criteria that reference § 170.215(c). Specifically, we propose to adopt all Capabilities as defined in “8.1.2 Capabilities,” which include but are not limited to (1) backward compatibility mapping for SMART v1 scopes as defined in “3.0.2 Scopes for requesting clinical data;” (2) asymmetric client authentication as defined in “5 Client Authentication: Asymmetric (public key);” and granular scopes as defined in (3) “ Finer-grained resource constraints using search parameters.” Additionally, we propose to require support for the “Patient Access for Standalone Apps” and “Clinician Access for EHR Launch” Capability Sets from “8.1.1 Capability Sets.” Also, we propose to adopt token introspection as defined in “7 Token Introspection.” Again, we clarify that for the period before January 1, 2025, Health IT Modules certified to certification criteria that reference § 170.215(c) may use either SMART v1 or SMART v2 for certification.
      — upto here —

      Since it was introduced post-ballot it was located in the Future of US Core page instead of a separate Guidance or Conformance page.  For the upcoming ballot it will be updated to US Core Conformance page as it is subject to conformance testing for certified systems.




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