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Insufficient guidance/examples on how to model and search data using the Search Parameter PractitionerQualificationIssuerSearchParameter and the modifer below


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    • National Directory of Healthcare Providers and Services (NDH) (FHIR)
    • 1.0.0-ballot
    • Patient Administration
    • STU
    • Practitioner qualification-issuer
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      We do not need the below modifier for this search parameter. 

      We do not need the below modifier for this search parameter. 
    • Bob Dieterle / David Pike : 6-0-0
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      The Search Parameter - PractitionerQualificationIssuerSearchParameter is a search by reference and supports the modifer below. There is no guidance in the IG about how to model and/or search this element (e.g. how would an issuer be below another issuer.

      The guidance for the Search Parameter is -

      "Select Practitioners with a qualification issued by the specified organization"

      "modifier" : [

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