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Remove resource type prefix from all SearchParameter.code


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      Take the prefix out from the code. 

      Take the prefix out from the code. 
    • Bob Dieterle / David Pike : 6-0-0
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      The SearchParameters in this guide prefix many of the search parameter codes -SearchParameter.code  (the parameter used in the url) with the name of the resource it is used for. (e.g. healthcareservice-network). While these prefixes may be necessary to distinguish SearchParameter names/urls (e.g. Healthcareservice-network vs practitionerRole-network), they are not necessary for the as the parameter code used by implementations during search. The context of use is already defined by the fact that the query is being run on a resource type indicated in the URL.  The IGs I have worked with do not have this code prefixing pattern. There does not seem to be a specific purpose for doing this and it could represent additional work for implementers.


      Additionally, it does not see link all the parameters do this, but there are sometimes errors in the examples.

      For example, on this page:


      There is an example for healthcareservice-eligibility

      healthcareservice-eligibility token GET [base]/HealthcareService?healthcareservice-eligibility=2403008

      However, the SearchParameter (http://hl7.org/fhir/us/ndh/2023Sep/SearchParameter-healthcareservice-eligibility.json.html) defines the code as “eligibility”.



      The Search Parameters should have all the resource type prefixes removed and the examples updated appropriately.

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