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Ndh-exchange-server CapabilityStatement Endpoint - Supported Reverse-Includes CareTeam:careteam-endpoint missing search parameter for CareTeam.extension:endpoint.value.


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    • National Directory of Healthcare Providers and Services (NDH) (FHIR)
    • 1.0.0-ballot
    • Patient Administration
    • NDH Exchange Capability Statement
    • Exchange Capability Satement
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      Add careteam endpoint search parameter. 

      Add careteam endpoint search parameter. 
    • Bob Dieterle / David Pike : 6-0-0
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      The CapabilityStatement lists a supported revinclude for Endpoint of CareTeam:careteam-endpoint, but CareTeam:careteam-endpoint is not listed as a search parameter for CareTeam in the CapabilityStatement and is not defined as a search parameter in artifacts.

      Supported Reverse-Includes: CareTeam:careteam-endpoint, HealthcareService:endpoint, InsurancePlan:endpoint, Location:endpoint, Location:endpoint, Organization:endpoint, OrganizationAffiliation:endpoint, Practitioner:practitioner-endpoint, PractitionerRole:endpoint

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