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Add the ability to reference QuestionnaireResponse from DiagnosticReport



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      Given lack of response to use cases, the is not persuasive 

      Given lack of response to use cases, the is not persuasive 
    • Marti Velezis / JD Nolen : 4 - 0 - 1


      There is a need for referencing a QuestionnaireResponse from a DiagnosticReport. 

      During an examination a clinician may need to capture additional arbitrary information that is not suitable for Observation or Media. It could be something the patient says e.g. experiences headaches or stomach pain. This type of arbitrary information is best captured using a Questionnaire.

      The examination may result in a DiagnosticReport where the interpretation of the QuestionnaireResponse could be included in the clinical conclusion. Since it is not possible to reference a QuestionnaireResponse from the DiagnosticReport, the conclusion may refer to information that is not included in the report.

      The suggested solution is to include the option to reference QuestionnaireResponses from the DiagnosticReport. This could be achieved by either:

      A. Allow for QuestionnaireResponse to referenced from DiagnosticReport.result

      – or –

      B. Add a new property similar to DiagnosticReport.media which includes a comment.

      The justification for option B is that, since the information gathered in the QuestionnaireResponse is arbitrary there could be a need to add commentary/reasoning in relation to a specific QuestionnaireResponse.




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