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Update “3.6.2 Screening and Assessments” title and content



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    • Screening and Assessments
    • 3.6.2
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      Update section as proposed

      Update section as proposed
    • Eric Haas / Brett Marquard : 18-0-0
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      This section has the same title as the title of the full page, which is not ideal for the reader to determine what it is about.

      1. Noting FHIR-39944, consider renaming this section “Assessment Observations” or “Types of Assessment Observations” and reword the section 3.6.1 screening and assessment bullet description from “US Core defines two observations to support this process:”  to “US Core defines two [“Assessment Observations” or “Types of Assessment Observations”] to support this process:”while removing the earlier link in the description. (Note that “[]” with denotes a link to whatever title is chosen)
      2. The example list only contains examples of the “Simple Observation” assessment type and only Clinician specific ones. Please create two example lists with headings to the effect of “Screening Assessment” and “Simple Assessment” with examples of each type and include more than just clinician examples in the simple observation (e.g. Patient states they are homeless).
      3. The example “Clinician completes and shares detailed assessments” is not an example of an assessment, but rather what they may do with an assessment. Remove this example.
      4. The example “Clinician makes a ‘clinical judgment’ based on detailed assessment.” Seems to fall more in the “condition” category. Please consider further refining this example or remove.




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