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Task.identifier:tracking-id.system needs to be Must Support; and $submit-attachment TrackingId needs to be of type Identifier.


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    • US Da Vinci CDex (FHIR)
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    • Patient Care
    • CDex Task Attachment Request Profile
      Submit Attachment Operation
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      Artifacts Summary
      Requesting Attachments [deprecated]
      Sending Attachments
    • 5.2,5.3,10.5.1,10.8.1,
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      Change as proposd
    • Eric Haas/Jay Lyle: 7-0-1
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      In the CDex Task Attachment Request Profile:

      • Task.identifier:tracking-id.value is Must Support
      • Task.identifier:tracking-id.system is not Must Support, but should be

      Since a provider system could expect multiple Tasks submitted from multiple payer systems, there exists the potential for collisions in tracking IDs.

      Please specify Task.identifier:tracking-id.system as Must Support.

      For this change to be meaningful, we need a complementary change.

      In the Submit Attachment Operation:

      • TrackingId input parameter type is string, but should be Identifier

      Additional benefits:

      • Intuitively, this will be easier for implementers to understand since TrackingId ultimately corresponds to Task.identifier.
      • The tracking ID's identifier.system can be used to distinguish between solicited and unsolicited invocations of $submit-attachment, which likely require somewhat different implementation details around validation and processing.
      • Allows support of multiple discrete systems for tracking IDs in payer systems, which will be respected by provider systems.
        • e.g. discrete systems per LOB behind a gateway

      I tried to identify all of the relevant artifacts and pages. Unfortunately, I likely missed some because there are a lot of examples that illustrate Tasks and $submit-attachment requests. Should the above changes take effect, please apply them throughout the IG as appropriate.


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