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Discordant/missing info in US Core lab examples


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      The Metabolic Panel example is not viable in real life.

      The glucose code indicates it was performed on blood.  Yet the rest of the panel has codes indicating it was performed on serum/plasma. The specimen upon which this panel is performed and thus where the results/observations originate is missing too.  Furthermore the lab results (names) to which codes are mapped are missing for each result/observation.  CLIA requirements are not met with this example either.


      Codes names/terms should not be used for the lab result as they are dynamic and noncompliant with several best practices/regulations.


      Kindly perform a complete review of all FHIR lab examples (US Core and non core) so they can be corrected to represent actual results that might be performed.  Also every profile, IG to which they are referenced should have the updated and clinically accurate examples to avoid patient safety issues in implementations.


      Lastly, CLIA indicates requirements for updating lab results that may impact the write/correction aspects mentioned for US core.  Certain lab results are not allowed to be modified per CLIA, so FHIR implementations will need to be compliant.  I don't see anything mentioned in HL7 FHIR about these requirements (unless I missed them)?



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