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Update DiagnosticReport.code binding to new LOINC Diagnostic codes value set


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      Add a pattern on DR.code with "51969-4 Genetic analysis report"

      Add a pattern on DR.code with "51969-4 Genetic analysis report"
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      In reference to https://jira.hl7.org/browse/FHIR-19831

      After removing the fixed value binding of DianosticReport.code = 81247-9, I'd like to suggest that we update the terminology binding to LOINC more broadly, such as binding to this value set: http://hl7.org/fhir/valueset-report-codes.html.

      Additionally, we could set the binding to extensible to allow more flexibility and provide textual guidance in leveraging LOINC parts to finding LOINC codes specific to genomic tests.

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