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Differentiate between null and not data available.



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      This tricky to implement as most deserializers map a missing field to a null value. This requires parsing of the tree by hand. An “data absent” value would be easier . For bundles this would be an empty bundle, for single values an OperationOutcome could be used.
      Distinguishing between absent and empty is important as absent values can retrieved by hand, for empty values this is not needed.

      Existing Wording:

      The CDS Client MUST NOT send any prefetch template key that it chooses not to satisfy. Similarly, if the CDS Client encounters an error while prefetching any data, the prefetch template key MUST NOT be sent to the CDS Service. If the CDS Client has no data to populate a template prefetch key, the prefetch template key MUST have a value of null. Note that the null result is used rather than a bundle with zero entries to account for the possibility that the prefetch url is a single-resource request.




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