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CareTeam: add status and status reason to careTeam.participant



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    • FHIR Core (FHIR)
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    • CareTeam
    • 9.7.4 Resource Content


      Participants on a care team can have varying participation status and status reason on a care team. Example includes: 

      1. Proposed - participation is not yet ready to be acted upon.
      2. Requested - participation is ready to be acted upon and action is sought.
      3. Received -  potential performer has claimed ownership of the participation and is evaluating whether to perform it.
      4. Accepted - potential performer has agreed to execute the participation but has not yet started work.
      5. Rejected - potential performer who claimed ownership of the participation has decided not to execute it prior to performing any action.
      6. Ready - participation is ready to be performed, but no action has yet been taken. Used in place of requested/received/accepted/rejected when request assignment and acceptance is a given.
      7. Cancelled - participation was not completed.
      8. Active - participation has been started but is not yet complete.
      9. On Hold -  participation has been started but work has been paused.
      10. Not Started or Aborted - participation was attempted but could not be completed due to some error.  - clinical reasons for fails could be no order, no coverage, attempts to contact failed
      11. Completed - participation has been completed.
      12. entered-in-error - participation should never have existed and is retained only because of the possibility it may have been used.


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