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RelatedPerson: Add reference to person in addition to a patient reference



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      In Norway we have identified the need to serve information about citizens using a Person Master Index for healthcare, and in that use-case we are going to use HL7 FHIR to define the interfaces to access this Registry. In time some healthcare specific information will be added to this registry to solve use-cases that are not of interest to organizations outside healthcare here in Norway. Most of the person data will however be information from the central registry of norwegian citizens, but in the healthcare specific registry this information will be served through a FHIR interface. We will need profiles and extensions to incorporate some of the data that exist in the common Person Master Index.

      I think the note describing the Person resource used in a PMI describes our thinking quite clearly: "Note: This style of system may use the Person resource without any FHIR references to Patient or Practitioner resources. In these environments the Master Index is likely to have a master identifier that performs this logical linking."

      A central part of the information in the PMI is relations from person to person. To serve this use-case there is a need to express relations person to person, and not necessarily concerning a Patient resource.

      We propose to rename the patient reference in RelatedPerson to Person and allow references to both Patients and Person using this reference.




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