Jira Concepts - Issues

Jira tracks issues, which can be bugs, feature requests, or any other tasks you want to track.

Each issue has a variety of associated information including:

  • the issue type
  • a summary
  • a description of the issue
  • the project which the issue belongs to
  • components within a project which are associated with this issue
  • versions of the project which are affected by this issue
  • versions of the project which will resolve the issue
  • the environment in which it occurs
  • a priority for being fixed
  • an assigned developer to work on the task
  • a reporter - the user who entered the issue into the system
  • the current status of the issue
  • a full history log of all field changes that have occurred
  • a comment trail added by users
  • if the issue is resolved - the resolution

Issue Types

Jira can be used to track many different types of issues. The currently defined issue types are listed below. In addition, you can add more in the administration section.

For Regular Issues
IT Help
For general IT problems and questions. Created by JIRA Service Desk.
Created by JIRA Service Desk.
An improvement or enhancement to an existing feature or task.
New Feature
A new feature of the product, which has yet to be developed.
For system outages or incidents. Created by JIRA Service Desk.
Service Request
Created by JIRA Service Desk.
Service Request with Approvals
For requests that require approval. Created by JIRA Service Desk
A problem which impairs or prevents the functions of the product.
A task that needs to be done.
Track underlying causes of incidents. Created by JIRA Service Desk.
Ballot Definition
A ballot that HL7 will be performing against a specification
Feedback about a specification that doesn't anticipate any change or other action as a result. Consider using http://chat.fhir.org instead.
A request for an answer that doesn't anticipate any update of the specification as a result. Consider using https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/hl7_fhir or http://chat.fhir.org instead.
Ballot Submission
A user's submission in response to a formal ballot by HL7 on a specification
Open Issue
Indicates a problem with a specification that needs to be addressed but does not propose a solution
Change Request
A request for a change that is more than a simple Technical Correction to one of HL7's specifications
Created by Jira Software - do not edit or delete. Issue type for a user story.
Change Proposal
This issue type is used to set the VoC voting parameters. Adjustments to this issue type will affect how voting is handled in VoC
User Registration
A request for a new Jira/Confluence user account
Project Scope Statement
A Projcet Scope Statement Submission
Hosted Website Requests
This issue type is to facilitate the requests for URL's to webmaster.
Created by Jira Software - do not edit or delete. Issue type for a big user story that needs to be broken down.
PSS Issue
Project Proposal
This is to capture and hash out project ideas before they move to being a Project Scope Statement.
Technical Correction
A non-substantive change to correct an obvious error with a non-debatable solution. E.g. Correcting a typo, grammar issue, formatting problem, broken tool function, incorrectly coded formal constraint, etc.
For Sub-Task Issues
The sub-task of the issue
Zoom Meeting Check-Out
This is used in conjunction with the Zoom reservation Project.
Ballot Vote
The designation of a comment about a specification as related to an overall Ballot Submission
PSS Approval

Priority Levels

An issue has a priority level which indicates its importance. The currently defined priorities are listed below. In addition, you can add more priority levels in the administration section.

This problem will block progress.
Very High
Very High
Serious problem that could block progress.
Has the potential to affect progress.
Minor problem or easily worked around.
Very Low
Very Low
Trivial problem with little or no impact on progress.


Status Categories

Helps identify where an issue is in its lifecycle.
Issues move from To Do to In Progress when work starts on them, and later move to Done when all work is complete.


Represents anything for which work has been completed

In Progress

Represents anything in the process of being worked on

No Category

A category is yet to be set for this status

To Do

Represents anything new

Issue Statuses

Each issue has a status, which indicates the stage of the issue. In the default workflow, issues start as being Open, progressing to In Progress, Resolved and then Closed. Other workflows may have other status transitions.

The issue is open and ready for the assignee to start work on it.
WG Approval
This issue is being actively worked on at the moment by the assignee.
This issue was once resolved, but the resolution was deemed incorrect. From here issues are either marked assigned or resolved.
Changes Published
Force the generation of a new publication with all rendered web pages of content out of the Git Master
Proposal has been moved to fully approved and ready to be queued for implementation, bypassing Consensus step.
TSC Exec
Co Sponsor Workgroup Approval
Change has been proposed but has not yet been reviewed
An change proposal has been fully categorized and is ready to be actioned
Resolved - change required
There is agreement that a change of some sort needs to be made in response to the requested change
Resolved - No Change
Decision has been reached that no change will be made to the specification based on the requested change
Waiting for Input
The change proposal is on hold while awaiting input from an individual or group
The change request has been identified as a duplicate of an existing change request. No further action will be taken on this change request
All of the agreed changes have been applied to the specification
An official version containing the requested change has been released
Waiting for support
This was auto-generated by JIRA Service Desk during workflow import
Auto Validation
Submit to tooling plugins for autovalidation of proposal as submitted.
Lock for validation
Submitted proposal is locked and queued for two-step validation process.
Use tooling to implement the change to the UTG SoT, and publish new versions of changed objects. Perform release operations for proposal changes, final QA, approval, notification of new release availability. Mark proposal as complete.
Receive proposal from other project
Receive proposals from other project workflow, either consensus approved, or technical corrections or QA fixes. Maybe a listener?
Proposal is being worked on, not yet finished being edited and error-checked.
Content Check
Proposal has passed auto checks and auto triage, is queued for manual QA.
consensus review
Enter consensus review state, out for peer review. Transfer ticket to peer review workflow.
Proposal has accepted the disposition and withdraws their negative
Queued for Implementation
Proposal has been queued for implementation.
Change Rejected
Change has been rejected by community or management.
Meeting Needed
The consensus was controversial, and a meeting is needed to achieve a decision on proposal.
Us Realm
This was auto-generated by JIRA Service Desk during workflow import
This was auto-generated by JIRA Service Desk during workflow import
A ballot has been submitted and is ready to be reconciled
The proposal will not be considered as part of the current release. It will be re-activated and reviewed as part of the next release cycle
Waiting for answer
Some problem or question has arisen in processing the proposal, and it is in a waiting state until the problem or question is resolved.
Sent For Implementation
Pass an approved proposal to the curation staff for implementation and publishing of the changes.
Environment Setup
View Help screens, download and install local tools, etc.
An initial request by the submitter has been cancelled prior to any action being taken
Steering Division
In Progress
This issue is being actively worked on at the moment by the assignee.
Ready for Review
Steering Division Review
TSC Review
In Review
The issue is open and ready for the assignee to start work on it.
Proposal Draft
Change proposal is in DRAFT state being worked on prior to submitting for validation and consensus.
Proposal Implemented
Proposal has been implemented in the source of truth repository, and is complete. Changes available in GitHUB.
This group has chosen NOT to review
PSS Rejected
Updated BitBucket Master
We have updated the BitBucket Master with the changes in the branch for this proposal
Publish-Release Operations
Do the admin operations around generation and publishing of releases
Changes Implemented
A resolution has been taken, and it is awaiting verification by reporter. From here issues are either reopened, or are closed.
This still to be determined who will actually triage.
WG Final Check
Analysis Complete
Closed - No Further Action
Peer review / change manager approval
This was auto-generated by JIRA Service Desk during workflow import
Analysis in Progress
Proposed Revision Available
Peer Review
Checked Out
This link is being actively used
This status signifies that the applicable reviewing group has completed its review and finds the PSS acceptable.


An issue can be resolved in many ways, only one of them being "Fixed". The defined resolutions are listed below. You can add more in the administration section.

Work has been completed on this issue.
Won't Do
This issue won't be actioned.
The problem is a duplicate of an existing issue. Check the resolution of the linked issue.
Cannot Reproduce
All attempts at reproducing this issue failed, or not enough information was available to reproduce the issue. Reading the code produces no clues as to why this behavior would occur. If more information appears later, please reopen the issue.
This issue was not approved.
Considered - No action required
Generally a response to a Comment where there is no expectation of a change being considered
Considered - Question answered
An answer has been provided to the question, but no change has been made to the specification
Considered for Future Use
The proposed change will not be made now, but the issue will be reopened and re-considered as part of the next release
Not Persuasive with Modification
The proposed change will not be made, however a change will be made to the specification that may improve clarity or address the root cause of the proposal
Not Related
The proposal applies to content that is outside the scope of the specification the comment it was submitted against. The proposal might be considered if re-submitted against the appropriate specification
The proposed change will be made as suggested
Persuasive with Modification
The proposed change will be made in spirit, but with minor adjustments to reflect committee agreement
Not Persuasive
Not Persuasive
Submitter has resolved the issue on their own/determined no issue should have been raised. No action is needed