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Matching Attributes need to relate to search time frame



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      Deferred to next ballot cycle
    • Jeff Brown / Dave Deroode : 7-0-1


      In another industry group, a stakeholder mentioned a match concern when a person's identity is verified after they move but only their former address is in the system from which a match is requested. We discussed how the use of email address and mobile number, as well as the responder's use of private algorithms and identity management practices likely go some way to address this, but after considering this some more it occurs to me that we probably need a more specific call-out in the IG to clarify, particularly in TEFCA queries or other use cases where historical records may be needed that 1) the identity verification process should be able to capture and verify all home addresses during the time frame a record search may cover - being mindful of the case where a patient stopped receiving care while residing at a former address, such that that former address may be all the health system is aware of - and 2) those multiple verified addresses (or other attributes which may have changed like name, telephone number, and email address) are included in the match request if they were verified at some point in time. We likely need a short addition in the identity verification tab as well as in the match tab.


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