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Purpose of CareTeam Profile is unclear


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    • US National Directory Query (FHIR)
    • 1.0.0-ballot
    • Patient Administration
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      It is unclear why the CareTeam profile is included.  While other resources intuitively make sense and do not need that explanation, typically a CareTeam.  It's standard definition includes "The CareTeam resource establishes a set of relationships and roles and is specific to a particular Patient. "  Having a national directory with patient specific care teams seems odd, and one would have perhaps expected a Group.  The diagrams are not providing further clarity.  Suggest to either replace with Group and clarify how it is intended to be used, or clarify why patient specific data is to be kept in a national directory, or seek to update the CareTeam definition under what circumstances it can be used outside a patient or group of patients context resulting in the adjustment of the statement referenced above.

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