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MedicationRequest.requester Reference Choice


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      In context of https://jira.hl7.org/browse/FHIR-28375 we propose that the Reference list be limited to US Core Practitioner Profile and all other base standard choices be optional.

      For legal prescriptions that are not reported, a Practitioner must be the actual requester of a medication request. For reported and other requests where there is no legal authorization there is not enough trusted context to require documentation of the requester, thus should not have it as Must Support for those cases as that may yield forced documentation of unverified data, although  the other choices are reasonable without being required to be Must Support.  Further, an Organization as a requester would be illogical in most scenarios as a human practitioner makes the request. Both US Core Organization and US Core Patient should be removed as Must Support and left as optional for systems that support those edge cases. 

      As the FHIR US Core profile is used for accessing and exchanging data based on what the source system has, this should not require the data source system to add functionality to capture a patient as part of the medication request.  Additionally, C-CDA does not impose this requirement either.

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